Assistance for Pro Se Litigants

It is really important you are represented by a competent attorney in all legal matters involving your family. Many people try to save money by doing it by themselves because no one wants to spend money on attorney fees. People representing themselves are “pro se”. However, this approach often times costs them much more financially and emotionally in the long run. Many people don’t realize you cannot “go back” and change a final decree of how property and debts were divided in a divorce. This means you cannot change how retirement accounts, businesses, or real estate were valued and divided. It’s extremely important to have child custody decided correctly as it will not only affect your child’s life but may affect the amount of support you receive. You will not be allowed to “go back” and change child custody without showing a “material change in circumstances” from the decree was entered.

If you cannot hire an attorney because your spouse is limiting your access to money, I can file motions to ask the judge to order your spouse to give you access to funds so you can hire an attorney. I also accept Master Card, Visa and Discover so people can consider using credit.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to represent yourself, the Idaho Court Assistance Office provides examples of the forms you will need to prepare and file. You should at least consider having a licensed attorney help you prepare or review your forms (pleadings) and review any settlement offers. I provide this type of assistance. You would not be retaining me to represent you in the case, but instead, pay me for the time I spent assisting you with your paperwork and providing information to you on how to proceed on your own.