Mediation sessions enable couples to make their own decisions about their children and finances while maintaining control and avoiding the cost of expensive and emotionally corrosive litigation. I am a licensed attorney and trained mediator who works with couples to focus on the specific decisions they need to address in order to solve their family law issues.  I work with couples who are “planning to file” a court action or couples who are already involved in one concerning, divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, division of property and debs, paternity and modification of decrees.

Mediation sessions enable couples to reach mutually agreed upon solutions much faster than litigation.  What may appear a completely scary and overwhelming mess can be easily guided by a mediator to help you both focus long enough to make decisions that are in your children’s best interest and your own emotional and financial interest.  A mediator can help a couple understand what a judge is likely to do given the different circumstances.  While mediation may not be for everybody, it can be a great alternative to the uncertainty of litigation.

I am committed to maintaining your confidentiality and treating you with respect and dignity throughout the process.  I am committed to helping you in an unbiased, impartial  and safe manner be heard and stay in control of the outcome.