Child Support

Child support refers to the amount of money each parent is required to pay for the support of their child. I represent people who are trying to establish child support or need legal help getting a child support order enforced. Idaho courts use a set of guidelines to calculate child support. To determine the amount for each parent, the court will use a formula considering the gross incomes of each parent, other children each parent is responsible for supporting, the custody schedule and other factors. Ideally, obligations of each parent are based on their financial circumstances and cover all the child’s needs. Generally, the parent who has primary custody of the child will be paid support by the other parent. A consultation with a family law attorney is necessary to determine the right approach.

Many times, the original child support order has to be changed or modified. This requires the person seeking the change to go back into court and prove there has been a material change in circumstances since the original support or custody order was issued. See Child Custody & Support Modification