Adoptions are perhaps the most joy filled events family law attorneys get to handle, but they are also very emotional and stressful for clients. There are a variety of situations where an adult seeks an adoption. Your spouse may have brought children to your marriage and you want to adopt them. You may be working… Learn More »

Alimony / Spousal Support

Each state is different in how favorable the law is to awarding alimony. Idaho is not especially favorable, but the court will look at a variety of factors to make the decision. I will help you identify whether those factors are present in your case and discuss the likelihood that it would be awarded. I… Learn More »


Mediation sessions enable couples to make their own decisions about their children and finances while maintaining control and avoiding the cost of expensive and emotionally corrosive litigation. I am a licensed attorney and trained mediator who works with couples to focus on the specific decisions they need to address in order to solve their family… Learn More »

Child Custody/Paternity

Child custody concerns the way you and the other parent will make major decisions about the lives of your children and where they will live. Custody is often the most contested element of any divorce proceeding. Many times, when a child is born, the parents are not married. In those types of cases, the parent… Learn More »

Child Support

Child support refers to the amount of money each parent is required to pay for the support of their child. I represent people who are trying to establish child support or need legal help getting a child support order enforced. Idaho courts use a set of guidelines to calculate child support. To determine the amount… Learn More »

Child Support and Custody Modifications

Many times, a parent needs to change the original child support or custody order for a variety of reasons. Typically, it is because they have lost their job, they want to move, they have a desire to increase or decrease the overnight visits with the child or support is going to a parent where the… Learn More »

Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders

I can help you obtain a civil protection order to keep an abuser or stalker away from you or your children. If you or your child has suffered violence or the threat of violence at the hands of a household member, spouse, family member or person you have dated, you can obtain a civil protection… Learn More »


When contemplating a divorce, your mind is filled with questions and worries about money, your children and your future. Talking with a family law attorney can help you decide whether it is the best decision for your family. I will give you an honest assessment of your legal situation so you can make informed decisions… Learn More »

Guardianships and Conservatorships

For Minors: To become a child’s guardian, you will have to show the parent’s rights have been already been terminated or prove the child’s parents have abused, neglected or abandoned the child or cannot provide a stable home environment. You will also need to prove you are qualified to be the child’s guardian and it… Learn More »

Name Changes

You are permitted to change your name after a divorce back to your maiden name. This typically occurs as part of the divorce where the court will hold in the final decree that your married name reverts back to your maiden name. If you failed to make this request as part of your divorce, you… Learn More »


Losing a loved one is extremely emotional and often times the person suffering the most is the one responsible to determine how to manage their loved one’s affairs. The assets must be identified and ultimately used to pay their loved one’s debts with the remainder distributed according to a will or according to the intestate… Learn More »

QDRO’s/Division of Retirement in Divorce

For most divorcing couples, the two largest assets of the marriage are the marital home and retirement accounts. Sometimes, one spouse will prefer to award the other spouse more assets so they can keep their retirement account intact rather than dividing it. When there are not enough assets to offset the imbalance, the retirement account… Learn More »


A will is one of the most important things you can do for your family. A will can legally protect your spouse, children, assets and spell out how you would like things handled after you have passed on. A will permits you to direct who will receive the property you worked so hard to obtain… Learn More »