Chasity S.

My divorce was nearing trial and I was, unfortunately due to circumstances, pro-se. I foolishly believed I could handle exchanging of paperwork and determining a custody agreement. Foolishly. It seemed as if every question I was able to get answered by the petitioners side lead to a rapid fire of more questions. I was in WAY over my head. I called some family friends to get a recommendation for legal advice. Our family attorney Jon Cox referred me to “one of the best attorneys he knows”(quoting), Shelley Akamatsu. I called her as soon as I got the recommendation, six days before my pending trial. I could barely formulate a sentence. Immediately I sensed a deep sense of empathy and compassion from Ms. Akamatsu. “Just breathe” she said with the soothing voice of a mother or trusted friend. She was able to see me within 24 hours. I was just as frazzled entering her office, so dazed I walked right past her office, twice. Shelley kept me focused and was able to reel me back in when I began to panic. She gave invaluable legal advice as I was too late to retain her. I have since discovered she has represented another friend. She too had only rave reviews. My biggest regret in my divorce was not marrying the wrong man, it was not getting Shelley Akamatsu on retainer immediately. Professional, hardworking, moral, classy, strong, and a solid advocate for justice. She is a superhero in her own right. Highly recommend. She will be my go to for any legal questions, and on retainer, and should she not be able to solve any issues that may arise in the future I have faith she will get me in the proper hands.